Monday, 25 January 2016

3D Neuroanatomy Software: Flash Brain Anatomy

Flash Brain Anatomy Web Subscription and Software is a revolutionary 3D and Flash Brain Anatomy visualization and learning tool.

This Web-delivered application offers an unparalleled understanding of Brain anatomy.

Flash Brain Anatomy features: 
Complete, fully interactive, 3D Brain models
Over a hundred flash lessons, with realistic real time drawing.
Unique Neuroanatomy Atlas 
Online tutoring 
Definitions for all parts of the brain.
Easy-to-use, 3D controls
Seamless compatibility with most web browsers

Why Flash Brain Anatomy is helpful:

Neuroanatomy is a very complex, hard to learn and challanging part of anatomy.
It is one of the hardest subjects to understand, if not even the hardest.
Flash brain anatomy is a software made to simplfy, give the key definitions and most
important of all add interactivity to the subject.
That is something books could never do. Flash Brain Anatomy shows the developement
of the brain and it's parts with real time drawings and lessons. It will also give you a good loook at the brain with 3D models of it. And if you still have issues with Neuroanatomy, you can upgrade for an online tutoring option, where you can get te answers for your questions via Skype.
All these things make the Software incredibly helpful in studying neuroanatomy.
Our Goal

Make you learn anatomy with no books and no reading at all.


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