Saturday, 23 January 2016

X-elerated Guides | Wow Gold & Leveling Guide Addons

World of Warcraft is an ever-changing game where content is always being added, changed up, or tweaked. We are constantly adding new features and updating our guides to adapt to the games changes. We normally have our guides ready for an update before new patches are released.

The X-Elerated Client makes installing and updating all of your guides simple & easy. It’s easier and faster to use then even the World of Warcraft client. Our client is also 100% safe to use and we offer a manual zip file download for those who would prefer to use addons the old fashioned way.

X-Elerated Guide members rarely have any problems, but if you do run into any issues our support team is always standing by ready to help. Our support team can also answer any questions you may have about our products or website.

• Wouldn't you like to master every aspect of World of Warcraft without having to spend hours every day playing the game? How would you like to:

• Level your characters from 1-90 in just 4 days
• Make over 20,000g everyday
• Unlock rare end game items
• Master your professions
• Earn titles, achievements, & much more

• We here at X-Elerated Guides have been helping players achieve success in World of Warcraft by creating in-game addon guides that are user friendly to even the newest of players.

• We have spent years developing and improving our in-game addons so that veterans and new players alike can become some of the best players on their server without having to dedicate their entire life to playing the game

• X-Elerated Guides have been rated the #1 World of Warcraft guide addons on the market today

• We are constantly updating our guides for every patch and add new features to our addons frequently. When new expansions are announced we have our development team work on updating our guides for the new content while it's still in beta so that on the day of each expansion release, the new guides are ready for you to download.

• You don't even have to pay for patch updates, new features, or guide revisions. Any updates for the content you purchased are completely free. We also offer member discounts for newly developed guides and expansions.

• X-Elerated WoW Guides Work on all operating systems, all expansions, and takes seconds to setup

• So if you're ready to own the ultimate character with epic end game items, respected titles, exulted reputations, rare mounts, maxed out professions, and more gold than you can ever spend 

• See why thousands are choosing X-Elerated Guides.


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